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Edelweiss & Lavender

Edelweiss & Lavender


Lavender essential oil with it's beautiful floral scent is relaxing and soothing both for the mind and skin. It is revitalizing and useful for all skin types, reatores moisture balance and to keep skin glowing and healthy.  


Vanilla essential oil combined with lavender yields a smoother, richer scent. Vanillastimulates healing, is high in B vitamins and anti-oxidants, protects from environmental stresses and slows signs of aging.


Edelweiss growing high in the alps, has high concentrations of healthy compounds and anti-oxidants which can help to restore skin elasticity, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and help with cell regeneration.


Comes in 2oz and 4oz jars, and 1oz tube.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    If your purchase arrives damaged, we will gladly replace the damaged items or credit you for them. We will determine how best to proceed given the situation, and will require proof of damage by having you email us a photo of the damaged item/s.


  • Shipping Info

    We are the planters, growers, pickers, kitchen staff, and packing and shipping departments. We usually get orders shipped within 3 days, but if it takes a little longer, please be patient with us. Just know that your order will be packed with fresh products and shipped on the same day. Thank you!



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