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Goat Milk Soaps

The restorative and regenerative properties of Goat's Milk is legendary.  With a ph similar to that of human skin, it is a soothing and conditioning cleanser for all skin types.  It contains alpha hydroxy, natural emollients, and naturally occurring glycerine, all providing deep moisturizing benefits.


Our goat milk soaps contains no water, only all-natural, GMO free, milk from our Alpine, Saanen, & Oberhasli goats, as well as saponified olive, coconut, and palm oils, all of which are organic and sustainably harvested.  Essential oils, organic herbs, flowers, and grains, are added to give the soaps different scents and benefits.  These soaps last a long time!

All soaps are $10.00 and weigh approximately 4.5 oz.

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