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Welcome to Yellow Birch Farm of Deer Isle, Maine

We have fresh MOFGA Certified Organic produce as well as farmstead goat milk products, soaps, and face creams, made with organic ingredients. You can order our soaps, creams, and cajeta right here from our website, or pick them up at our farm store, along with our freshly picked organic produce, goat milk cheeses, gelatos, and yogurt.

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10am - 5pm

Our Farm Store is seasonal generally from mid June to Mid October.
If our hours do not work for you, or your visit is out of season, please call for an appointment


EcoVita Organic Skin Care
We work in the sun, rain, snow, wind, and salty spruce air, and recognize that we need to feed our skin too, our body’s largest organ. After many trials we developed a skin cream that we feel mirrors our values, imbuing our skin with deeply penetrating nourishment.

EcoVita is made with the highest quality organic, approved for organic use & sustainably sourced ingredients, right here on our MOFGA certified organic farm.

Goat's Milk Soaps

The restorative and regenerative properties of Goat's Milk is legendary.  With a ph similar to that of human skin, it is a soothing and conditioning cleanser for all skin types.  It contains alpha hydroxy, natural emollients, and naturally occurring glycerine, all providing deep moisturizing benefits.

Maine Maple Cajeta

Cajeta is a traditional Mexican caramel sauce made by slow-cooking sweetened goat milk. Our cajeta is made with all natural, GMO-free milk from our herd of Alpine, Oberhasli, and Saanen goats. We bring it to a boil and then simmer and hand-stir it in copper pots for hours. Milk caramels span many cultures from Mexico to France, with goat milk caramel having a uniquely delicious quality.

Yellow Birch Farm Store

At our farm store you'll find our organic skin creams, goat milk soaps, yogurt, Goat Milk Gelatos, cheeses - both fresh and aged, cajeta, cookies, blueberry balsamic vinegar, our tee shirts and sweat shirts, as well as fresh organic produce.


Our homemade products are all made in small batches in our certified kitchen.  We also carry a variety of locally sourced products including : Rainbow Farm Pasture Raised Chicken, Pork, & Beef, Jackman Organic Maple Syrup, Tierra Farms organic granolas.

Greene Ziner Gallery

We strive for a balance of farming, the running of the gallery and farm stand in the summer, and in the winter...? People always ask, "So, what do you DO in the winter?” We try to focus on our art in between skating, skiing, visiting with friends, doing chores, and maybe even relaxing! Sometimes it is all just too much fun, and then suddenly it’s April and we begin tilling, planting, milking, cooking, opening the gallery, and planning events like our annual Farm Dinners.

Farm Dinners

The goal of these dinners is to help sustain and grow Yellow Birch Farm’s role as a local community provider of fine produce and goods, an educational environment for sustainable farming, and as a vibrant example of organic living. For those of you new to Yellow Birch Farm Dinners, we strive to create a unique and intimate experience that couples our quality farm produce and expertly crafted dishes with the sustainability and locality YBF encapsulates. Held in our nineteenth Century post-and-beam barn, guests are surrounded by myriad works of fine art that constitute the Greene Ziner Gallery. Limited to sixteen guests per evening, our dinners foster great conversation and a familial environment.

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