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Yellow Birch Farm has MOFGA Certified Organic vegetables, a herd of Alpine goats, and a licensed dairy kitchen.


About Face Creams

All natural, organic face creams made by hand in small batches by Yellow Birch Farm of Deer Isle, Maine.

                   The “ABOUT FACE” Story:

     Here at Yellow birch Farm we strive to produce organic, healthful, and sustainable products for our family and our larger community. In addition to our organic produce and goat milk products, we recognized, being outside a lot in the sun, or snow, the need to replenish our largest organ, our skin.  As a result, I have been making and using this cream since 2010. It is made with all natural, 90% organic ingredients, in small batches in my certified kitchen.   People started telling me my skin looked so good, and ladies from New York who had tried it were calling to buy more. Then my friend Joanne Steenberg started using it and giving it to her friends & family, they all loved it. She started calling it, “Missy Greene’s Miracle Cream”. Well, I didn’t really want to call it that, I wanted a name that implied how it made your skin look and feel, and how, according to some users, it transformed their skin. One day soon after that I got asked for ID in the local grocery store when buying beer!!!  Holy Cow! I said,” Hey, I am 52 yrs old, I don’t usually carry ID in my checkbook”… the woman said, “Well, we need ID for anyone that looks under 40.” I promptly went to my car and got my ID!

      Since then, we have found that our About Face skin cream has become essential, not only for those seeking to maintain youthful, healthy skin, but for hard working farmers, sailors, fishermen, carpenters, artists, mothers, fathers, and kids.  In addition to basic skin care, reports are coming back that About Face is soothing, healing, and nourishing, for minor scratches and scrapes, eczema,cracked heals, dry hands, rough elbows, diaper rash, and more.  So many people have tried it, and they all keep coming back for more. Some in a panic that they will run out.

  So, join our exponentially growing list of happy customers and try it !!  All over makes your skin look and feel great and among other may FEEL like……… are under 40!!  



About Face creams are made with the following organic and all natural ingredients:

*distilled water

*organic sesame oil- being rich in vitamins A,E, and zinc, this oil helps improve the elasticity of the skin, repairs damaged skin cells and promotes the production of collagen. As well, it aids in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, wounds, burns and other skin infections. With a low natural SPF, sesame oil also helps protect your skin from dangerous ultra-violet rays.

*organic coconut oil- rich in proteins for cellular health and tissue repair, it is comprised of three medium chain fatty acids with antimicrobial properties and the ability to keep skin smooth and retain moisture content of the skin.

*organic cocoa butter- has a high concentration of antioxidant compounds which help neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation, protect skin from environmental stresses, and boosts overall skin health.

*organic beeswax-  full of vitamin A for cell turnover and reconstruction, excellent for moisturizing and softening the skin, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, protective barrier that does not clog the pores.

*organic glycerine- helps maintain the skin’s water balance.

*borax-a natural element used as an emulsifier

*leucidal sf**- a natural preservative derived from lactobacillus ferment

*AMTicide coconut*-a natural preservative derived form coconut and lactobacillus

*vit.E, a nutrient and antioxidant, boosts collagen production and supports new skin cell growth.

*rosemary oil extract, anti-oxidant

essential oils:

*Neroli: especially good for mature and environmentally damaged skin, promotes cell regeneration and improves elasticity.

*Palma Rosa: natural antiseptic, good for old acne scars, for wrinkles especially occurring for over exposure to the sun, and broken veins.

*Clary Sage: reduces inflammation, balances production of natural oils, strengthens, tones, and tightens skin.

**On the Whole Foods Acceptable premium preservatives list, and approved for use as ingredient in EcoCert Certified organic products.